Spitfire Barbecue
1 Hannover Quay
T: 0117 925 4585
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Spitfire Barbecue
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Battles of the BBQ, days of burnt sausages, burgers and undercooked chicken are over, Spitfire has landed. Our mission set by the General is to bring you prime cut meats and Monster Ribs, smoked and grilled over hot coals. We don’t waste our time making food look pretty on the plate, our mission is to bomb your taste buds with flavours and damn good BBQ. PitBoss( our BBQ), is on a mission to save his troops from collecting dust in the winter and changing the British perception that BBQ’s are only meant for the summer. After a long battle at work we will take you away from the stresses of the city, with smoked meats, cold beers and creative cocktails whilst sat around our fire pits or standing around the BBQ listening to some good tunes.

Meats grilled Caveman style direct on the hot coals that would seal the outside of the steak (nature’s natural flavouring) and savour all the goodness inside. Ribs that are causing meat waves around the city and #BBQBombs being dropped all over

Our BBQ Shack is open for everyone to see and full view of our BBQ Smok’N away, feel free to join around the BBQ and talk meat, charcoal and smoke. We source our meats and produce locally where possible and are proud supporters of independent businesses like ourselves.
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